International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) established a Day of The Seafarer in 2011. Since then at that day people all around the world have been expressing their gratitude to the seafarers for their contribution to global economics and in the community development . Every year the IMO chooses a new topics: for an example , in 2014 this festive occasion was held under motto “ For What I am Grateful To the Seafarers ”, then 25 millions people said their “thanks” for food and goods delivered in time , for unforgettable cruises and for many others .

On 25 of June 2015 the world over again is going to celebrate the Day of The Seafarer . This year celebration topic is the maritime education . The IMO proposes to the young people to think about maritime professions , which are difficult , romantic , but remunerative . Most people select work at offices , factories or at shops , but at the sea your office may be a supertanker or container-ship , which delivers goods in the nicest and amazing corners of our planet . Specially for this day the IMO issued a video , which described a working life of the seafarer: leave-taking with his wife at the port before departure , vessels sailing through rains and storms , hard working and loving talks with his family by Skype . Also it contains romance of the voyage: the hero succeeded in having a look at the Northern Lights , giant whales , visiting a lot of various countries and playing football on the deck of container-ship too . The IMO emphasizes the romantic temper and positive aspects of working at the sea .

The topic of the maritime education was chosen intentionally: now the maritime industries substantially need engineers and senior officers . The Ukrainian schoolchildren have all opportunities to win places in the growing world of marine fleet market . The Managing Director of the world first-rate Company-shipowner Columbia Shipmanagement Mr. Hadjipetrou Andreas during his recent interview given an all-Ukrainian newspaper “ Professional Seafarer ” stated that the Ukrainian seafarers are being impartially reputed as the best ones in the world fleet . The international companies are interested in development of the maritime education and training in our country: many of them annually invest in the training centers’ equipment and in maritime educational institutions , as well as , they recruit cadets to undergo practical training on board the modern vessels .

Whilst celebrating the Day of the SEAFARER , the UMTUF together with the “ Professional Seafarer ” initiated to take pictures of those applicants decided to become seafarers . Future cadets gladly accepted the proposal to entering into the celebration and to render supporting both – schoolchildren willing to choose maritime profession and the older colleagues , now sailing at the sea .
The UMTUF President Maksym Sliusarevskyi noted , we quote: “….. Ukraine is glad to celebrate the Day of the Seafarer with the Planet …. Our country raises and trains worthy replenishment for the world merchant fleet . Moreover , right now , our trade union , the manning agencies and the editorial staff of all-Ukrainian newspaper “ Professional Seafarer ” have joined for much more youth talent to get involved in the seafarers’ family ….. unquote “ .

Also Maksym noted then that in autumn 2015 the UMTUF , representatives of the manning agencies and ones from the “ Professional Seafarer “ are going to be on a tour of the country , informing the schoolchildren about a future golden opportunity to get a job in the fascinating world of shipping .

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