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Ukrainian Marine Trade Unions’ Federation ( the UMTUF ) was established while the First Founding Congress of first  independent  trade unions of the Ukrainian maritime  industry took place on 15 January  1992  . The UMTUF is the all-Ukrainian a trade unions’  association which united the workers of Ukrainian maritime  industry ( seafarers  , dockers ) .

And now , same as during the precedent years , the UMTUF with its membership organizations have been taking active part in national and international trade union movements . For the time of its activity the UMTUF has rendered real assistance to thousands of the Ukrainian seafarers who serve on board the vessels of  foreign shipowners . In 2006 within  the UMTUF structure was created  Special Seafarers Unit (the  SSU ) , whose a main priority was first response to all seafarers’ complaints concerning violations of their labour and social rights .

Week of actions against substandard shipping in the Black Sea

The UMTUF represented about 25000 workers in the maritime economical complex (15000 seafarers and 10000). The National Service of Mediation and Conciliation made a decision through its order No 007/17-00-P dated on 9 of February 2017 has recognized the UMTUF to be representative on maritime economical complex of Ukraine. Being a part of the Common Representative Body, the UMTUF participated actively in collective negotiations and signing of the Industry Bargaining Agreement in the scope of maritime economical complex of Ukraine for 2013-2015 years . The UMTUF goes on to actively cooperate with the Ministry of Infrastructure , the Ukrainian Transport  Employers’  Federation as  for  a  control  over the Industry Bargaining Agreement implementation .

Председатель ФМПСУ Максим Слюсаревский

The President of UMTUF
Maksym Sliusarevskyi

The UMTUF is a party of the Joint Representative Body which is formed by the all-Ukrainian trade unions who are represented on the national level . The UMTUF participates actively in functioning of the Public Council  under the Ministry of Infrastructure  , the Ministry of Social Policy , State Inspectorate of Ukraine for Maritime and Inland Water Transport Safety,  Odessa Region State Administration . President of the UMTUF  Mr. Sliusarevskyi  Maksym is a Chairman of the Public Council under the State Inspectorate of Ukraine for Maritime and Inland Water Transport Safety .

Also the UMTUF is being represented at a council of the experts  and a social-economical council under the Ministry of Infrastructure . With the assistance of UMTUF it was created a Coordination Council  of chairmen of  Ukrainian marine  transport trade union Organizations .

One of the main tasks and goals set before the UMTUF is to joining   Ukraine to Maritime Labour Convention , 2006  (MLC 2006).MLC2006

Primorskaya str.,6, Odessa city, 65o26, building of Odessa sea passenger terminal (7th floor, left wing). Tel./fax: +380487376533 or +380487376544, E-mail: union4@umtuf.odessa.ua